David Gee

Interactive Design & Development

About Me

  • At Work

    I design & build digital products focused on solving complex process & workflow problems. I enjoy creating efficient, satisfying user experiences, especially for sectors that generally suffer from poor usability. I take great pleasure in making life easier for people who don’t care much about technology or design, but have to work with it every day.

  • At Home

    Born and raised in South Africa, I’ve been living in the USA since 1997. I’m currently based in Oakland, California, where I enjoy the weather, the people, & the great outdoors. Most of my time not working is spent with Kim and our three-year-old daughter. I sometimes take photos. I’m not a photographer. We enjoy exploring the world together.

On the Internet


  • Design

    As my design work has mostly been focused on enterprise web applications, I’m at my best creating user-centered solutions to complex interaction design & information architecture problems.

    My process is best described as Lean UX. I’m a strong, efficient front-end developer and find that I communicate my ideas best through interactive high-fidelity prototyping and rapid iteration.

    I’m a competent visual designer, but you probably won’t find me hanging out on dribbble. My aesthetic is minimal & information-centric, with clear visual hierarchy, wayfinding, and interaction flow.

  • Development

    I’ve been hand-coding HTML, CSS and Javascript since 1998. My first AJAX project was Netscape 4 compatible, and released well before the term was coined.

    As a consultant, I have to deliver work across a broad spectrum of development environments, and I’m comfortable with ASP.Net & MVC Razor, Java & Struts, and many templating languages.

    In the last few years, I’ve been bitten by the responsive design bug, and have been working with AngularJS, jQuery, and Sass. I’m always enthusiastic about new technologies, and I’m currently picking up NodeJS in my spare time.