David Gee

Interactive Design & Development

Compass Profiler

The Compass Profiler is a real-time, websockets-enabled, AngularJS web application which provides Quality Assurance teams with analytical data around manual and exploratory testing.

Design concept focusing on look & feel and basic interface architecture
Design concept showing detail overlay
First version showing code coverage analytics.


Compass Quality’s first product, Profiler, instrumented web applications to provide real-time feedback on QA activities, translating method-level code differences into human-readable URLs and coverage insight normally only seen in automated testing frameworks. I worked with this early-stage startup to create a MVP over the course of six months, transforming a brittle jQuery prototype into a fully functional AngularJS application.

Design Process

While most of the work with Compass Quality was technically focused, a fair amount of effort went into user flows. This was typically done with quick-and-dirty whiteboarding sessions and low-fidelity wireframes, before moving on to iterating on functional prototypes.

Technical Details

Profiler was built as a single-page AngularJS web application, which consumed data via a JSON REST API. Real-time updates were handled via a websockets layer using the Java Atmosphere framework.

Feature Overview