David Gee

Interactive Design & Development

Total Cost Management

Co-Exprise’s Total Cost Sourcing provides powerful tools to manage end-to-end direct manufacturing sourcing, providing spreadsheet usability for online cost models, consistent enterprise-wide cost analysis, multi-Level, multi-Variable cost visibility, and enhanced buyer efficiency and control.

The Total Cost form buider features advanced data types and powerful layout controls.
Calculated fields are driven by values from other form elements.
Responses can be compared across suppliers
Best Market Price analysis provides deep insight into purchasing decisions

Design Process

As with most of my work with Co-Exprise, our design process revolved around rapid iterations on a high-fidelity prototype, tested internally with our market-marking team as well as with customer beta-testers. The prototype was also used for live demos by our marketing team.

Front-End Engineering

The Total Cost module required building a number of custom Javascript components, most notably the form builder, which was designed for administrators and technically-savvy market-making professionals. End users typically choose from a selection of pre-created forms. Features include:

    • Custom Layout Tools

      Each row of the form can contain up to three form elements, allowing for high data-density technical forms for manufacturing parts. Components can be re-ordered by drag-and-drop, and layout tools appear above the element on hover.

    • Contextual Questions

      For checkbox and radio-button style questions, contextual questions can be added to show up depending on the supplier’s response.

    • Weighting & Scoring

      Weighting & scoring controls allow the system to provide high-level grading for supplier responses. This control can be enabled or disabled for each section. Buyers can manually enter scores for non-quantitive fields.

    • Calculated Fields

      Calculated fields generate rolled-up values from other fields, with a full range of mathematical capabilities. This allows for powerful multi-year and “net present value” calculations.