David Gee

Interactive Design & Development

Client Portal

The ECM Client Portal enables social services providers to publish news & opportunities for their clients. I am currently creating a responsive, templated prototype which can easily be customized to fit each co-brand’s existing branding.

An example cobrand.
Right-aligned sidebar, source-order independent.
Full width layout.
The co-brand is easily customized by changing a few simple settings.
Another co-brand variation.


This project is currently in development. I am creating a style guide and templated prototype. The design process is simple, iterative and budget-driven. We are using ZURB Foundation to easily create responsive, mobile-friendly design templates and to provide out-of-the-box Javascript controls. The visual theme will be customized for each customer, and the emphasis is on providing an interface which responds well to different content layouts and controls. The initial launch will ship with common content management controls, with additional, more complex controls being delivered as requested by customers.

Technical Details

One of the main design considerations is the ability for co-brands to have full control over skinning the portal. To accomplish this, I’m using CSS preprocessing with Sass & Compass. Separating the layout, typography, and theme allows us to easily generate a new theme simply by replacing a couple of variables.